Josué Vergara

Music Composer

Josué Vergara, a rising talent in the current film industry, was born in Valencia in December 1977 and began his career as a self-taught until 1987 when he began his music studies at the Geneva Conservatory, in Switzerland. In 1990 he began to compose.

In September 1993 he was admitted at Collège de Saussure, also in Switzerland. In the college, he specialized in music and the musician and composer Jean Paul Liardet introduced him in the piano discipline. He achieved his degree in 1997 with excellent marks.

In September 1997, after 15 years living and studying in Switzerland, Josué returns to Valencia, the city where he was born. Back to Valencia he continued composing.

In 2014 he received 3 nominations from the prestigious "Hollywood Music in Media Awards" in Los Angeles. Over there he met some of his most admired composers, the mythical Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer and John Powell, among others.

In 2015 Josué participated in the challenging "Oticons Faculty" international film music competition, being one of the finalists. He caught Yoav Goren attention, CEO in "Immediate Music", the legendary American company in Los Angeles, where he works as a composer for the "Trailer" industry.

Three years later, Spanish Air Force commissioned him their official song.

The soundtracks composed by Josué brought him to the forefront of film music festivals worldwide, in which he received 5 silver medals at the "Global Music Awards", 5 "Akademia Music Awards", the prestigious "Jerry Goldsmith Award" at the Málaga Film Festival, the "Fimucinema Award" for the best song at Fimucite, the Tenerife Film Music Festival and the "Crystal Pine" at the ISFMF in Pula. Outstandingly, on November 11, 2015, Josué was awarded with the "Hollywood Music in Media Award", at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, surrounded by Tom Holkenborg (Tomb Raider, Mad Max), Mychael Danna (Oscar for "The Life of Pi"), among other composers.

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